Mission & Purpose

The Northern Nevada Transportation Collaborative (NNTC) seeks to find transportation solutions that will contribute to economic prosperity and livability.

The NNTC was created to address regional transportation issues for livability and sustainability. To accomplish this, the NNTC and its sponsors will host the 2010 Sustainability Summit aimed at promoting a dialogue between private and public sector stakeholders.

Northern Nevada faces the challenges of diversifying its economy and exploring additional regional investments such as geothermal and other renewable energy resources, as well as supporting our region’s transportation infrastructure needs, particularly during these tough economic times.

The “Sustainability” principle, which includes guiding private investment decisions and public policies, is now well established within the design professions and local government policies. Focusing on the triple bottom line concepts of economic, social and environmental sustainability has led many professions to bring forward new and innovative infrastructure design concepts. These infrastructure investments and enhancements will serve to keep and attract employers, create jobs, and produce a highly skilled workforce to maintain the region’s high quality of life for future generations.

The 2010 Sustainability Summit purposes are twofold. First, the summit is to serve as a technical platform for transportation infrastructure professionals to engage in a dialogue regarding the condition, direction and options available to continue moving our region forward in a sustainable manner. The second purpose is to establish a process and begin a reasoned dialogue on transportation, livability, and economic prosperity to benefit the region. Using resources from the private sector, public agencies, the general public, and elected/government officials, the 2010 Sustainability Summit (through the NNTC) can broaden the foundation for enhanced planning, design, and integration of sustainable transportation providing transportation investments that bring value and a comparative advantage to the region.


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